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2019 Milken Jewish Educator Awards Luncheon

2019 Jewish Educator Award honorees
Milken Jewish Educator Awards

Since 1990, the Milken Family Foundation has annually sponsored Jewish Educator Awards, spotlighting outstanding day school educators at BJE-accredited schools. Each year, four educators receive the prestigious awards, including prizes of $15,000 each, at a luncheon hosted by the Milken Family Foundation.

"A new generation is growing up in a secular world that too often values youth over maturity, impulse over contemplation, and glorification of violence over reasoned debate. Such an environment makes the goals of a Jewish day school education more vital than ever to reinforce and perpetuate the intellectual, spiritual and ethical values of the Jewish people. Talented educators are at the frontlines of this effort."

Lowell Milken
Co-Founder, Milken Family Foundation

To learn more about this year's event, please go to Milken Family Foundation Jewish Educator Awards

This event is invitation only. 

If you have questions please contact BJE Director, Center for Excellence in Day School Education, Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322. 

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