Marie Perez

Job Title

Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Day School Education


[email protected]

As the Coordinator of the Center for Excellence in Day School Education, Marie provides programs and professional development services for administrators, educators and lay leaders for BJE’s affiliated schools.   Prior to joining BJE in 2017, Marie was the Coordinator at Learn It Systems LLC., and prior to that at Carskadon Associates working closely with the local LEA, Los Angeles Unified School District to provide Title I and Title II services to our Torah school. Marie was trained and in turn trained teachers at LAUSD in their Leadership program GearUp4LA.

Marie received her BA in Child Studies, with a minor in Education, from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  She has a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Western University. Marie Perez is a native Canadian and lived in Brooklyn, NY for 12 years working with multiple organizations in the Jewish community. Marie moved to Los Angeles from Montreal in 2005 and has 3 children and grandchildren.