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Building Jewish Education

BJE Builders

Meet our community's Builders of Jewish Education:

Lorit Daitch
BJE Builders

The Santa Monica Synagogue thanks BJE for recognizing LA-area educators and their successful efforts in pivoting to address Jewish education during the pandemic, and congratulates Lori Daitch, our long-time Director of Education, along with her fellow LA-area Jewish educators.

Mar 25, 2021
BJE Builders

As a Jewish early childhood program, the IKAR ECC draws from Jewish traditions, culture, and practice to offer children a rich experience in which their Jewish identity can thrive, their social consciousness can be deepened, and they can establish roots in a love for their heritage.

Mar 15, 2021
BJE Builders

The Bay-Nimoy ECC values the virtue of learning, the act of learning and living Tikkun Olam, and living a life of integrity by practicing acts of loving-kindness as we learn. By integrating Jewish values, the history of the Torah, and the modern world, our students are focused and well-rounded individuals who can make justice-minded and socially conscious decisions.

Mar 04, 2021


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