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Building Jewish Education Across Los Angeles

BJE Builders

Meet our community's Builders of Jewish Education:

Sheila Baran Spiwak with Alan Spiwak
BJE Builders

To me, a builder provides support, creates the underpinnings so that something can move into the future. A builder can also help broaden something that already exists. Being a Builder of Jewish education is all about the future, providing support for the next generation. The way I see it, if we don’t have Jews that are educated, we’re not going to have Jews, period.

Nov 22, 2016
Rachel Slaton, Associate Director, URJ 6 Points Sports Academy
BJE Builders

Associate Director, URJ 6 Points Sports Academy
Former BJE Graduate Student Intern

Nov 15, 2016
Andrea Gardenhour - Director, Center for Youth Engagement, Stephen Wise Temple
BJE Builders

Director, Center for Youth Engagement, Stephen Wise Temple

I believe that today, authentic Jewish educational experiences cannot happen in a vacuum like they used to. There has to be collaboration across institutions. We have to engage students and they have to be at the center to make learning relevant to them – starting with young students, all the way through high school.

Nov 08, 2016
Larry Kligman, Head of School - Heschel Day School
BJE Builders

Head of School, Heschel Day School and Heschel graduate, class of ‘85 

Oct 10, 2016
Yonatan Rosner, DeToledo, Judaic Studies faculty
BJE Builders

Our Jewish past offers us tremendous richness and depth. When our students confront our past with excitement and make it their own, then something special, something electric, takes place. And when it does, our students carry forward the spirit that was entrusted to us.

Oct 05, 2016


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