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BJE Thought Leaders

by Dr. Gil Graff

“Your people (nation) is my people (nation); your God is my God.” With these words, the Biblical Ruth, a Moabite-born woman who was to become the grandmother of King David, indicated to her mother-in-law Naomi that she wished to join the Israelite community. The words bespeak a folk and a religious dimension of Jewish identity.

Apr 03, 2012
BJE Thought Leaders

By Harry Bloom

Mar 31, 2012
BJE Thought Leaders

By Dr. Gil Graff

Dec 01, 2011
BJE Thought Leaders

By Arnee R. Winshall

Nov 01, 2011
BJE Thought Leaders

Writing in 1904, Solomon Schechter—President of the fledgling Jewish Theological Seminary of America—described Hebrew as the “great depository of all that is best in the soul-life of the Congregation of Israel.” He observed that, historically, Hellenistic Jews had experimented with abandoning Hebrew: “The result was death. It (Hellenistic Judaism) withered away….”

Aug 03, 2011


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