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Back to the Future? Returning to Orthodox congregations sponsoring after-school Talmud Torah programs.
BJE Thought Leaders

Mar 04, 2019
Hanukkah In Tumultuous Times
BJE Thought Leaders

Nov 17, 2018
Reflections of the Season
BJE Thought Leaders

by Dr. Gil Graff

Jul 17, 2018
BJE Thought Leaders

by Dr. Gil Graff

Jewish tradition associates Shavuot with the experience of receiving Torah at Sinai, 50 days after liberation from slavery in Egypt.  Passover marks freedom from bondage; Shavuot celebrates freedom to lead purposeful lives.  As the Israelites are about to encounter Torah, the Torah describes Israel’s mission with the phrase: “kingdom of priests; holy nation.” 

May 09, 2018


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