BJE Helps Day School Educators Restart School

It is typical to find school administrators and teachers using part of the summer to prepare for the coming new school year. This summer, however, has been anything but typical, as educators have had to prepare for multiple possible scenarios for the school year, including in-person, hybrid and remote models. BJE has worked with its many Day School networks to help administrators and teachers prepare for this challenging year.

Once schools completed the year in the spring, work began almost immediately to address the 2020-21 school year and its unique challenges. BJE continued to convene the various professional networks – Heads of School, General Studies administrators, Judaic Studies administrators, and special education faculty – to address a wide range of needs, including curriculum and technology, safety and health, and community building. Schools have needed counsel and collaboration on staffing challenges, legal issues and financial challenges. In addition, it distributed a 30-day supply of PPE to all day schools and early childhood programs through a state-run program. This summer was a strong continuation of the work BJE did to support schools throughout spring’s remote learning.

“BJE is a continual support to us here at Wise School. They help us secure important government funding for the professional development of our faculty and administration. They coordinate meetings between our schools in which we can collaborate and share best practices. They provide helpful trainings on specific topics that are relevant to us.  Most importantly, they are always available, supportive, encouraging, and patient. We consider BJE to be vital partners with us in our work to grow our students academically, socially, and spiritually. We are so grateful that we have this affiliation with them.”
       - John Heffron, General Studies Principal at Wise School

BJE works as a unifying force for the Jewish schools within LA. A few things really stand out for me. One is the countless number of hours BJE spends helping schools prepare our board and lay leaders. Right now is a time that schools need to rely so much on our leadership, and I know that our lay leaders that have gone through BJE training are so well prepared. They really understand the balance between their roles as parents vs. board members. The other is how BJE helps streamline all the funding and resources we need in order to invest in professional learning opportunities for our teachers. Teaching is a learning profession - once teachers stop learning, the school stops growing. BJE helps us sustain this essential aspect of school life. I am truly grateful for our partnership with BJE."
       - Rabbi Deborah Schuldenfrei, Head of School at VBS Harold M. Schulweis Day School.

For more information about BJE’s work with Day Schools in Los Angeles, contact Rabbi Jim Rogozen, Director, BJE Center for Excellence in Early Childhood and Day School Education at  323-761-8622.