BJE Plays a Part in Readying Educators to Go Back to School

In anticipation of a new and challenging school year, educators from BJE’s Day School networks had the long-missed opportunity to gather in-person and COVID-safe, for training sessions:

  • A two-day Readers’ Workshop session included training in teaching reading through balanced literacy, and emphasized ways of engaging students.
  • A session focused on Singapore Math, a program used by many BJE schools, offered conceptual and procedural understanding of the program, and worked with teachers on effective lesson planning within the program.
  • A two-day session on Beginning Writers’ Workshop was designed to help teachers address each child’s individual learning and focused on building a writing program that engages and excites students.

In total, 59 educators representing 15 schools participated in the programs. Betty Winn, BJE Center for Early Childhood and Day School Education Senior Consultant said, “The teachers were incredibly energized by the experience of meeting together in person for the first time in 18 months. The strength of our BJE Networks is that these educators have stayed so connected and become even more collaborative and supportive of one another, even though all meetings during the pandemic had been zoom-based. But the joy of seeing them reconnect in person was palpable, and the energy around returning to classrooms in-person with students in attendance was profound.”

For more information about BJE’s work with Day School educators, click here, or contact Betty Winn, BJE Center for Early Childhood and Day School Education Senior Consultant or Rabbi Jim Rogozen, BJE Center for Excellence in Early Childhood and Day School Education Director.