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Building Jewish Education

Professional Development for Day School Education

BJE provides support to BJE-accredited day schools, to help ensure that day schools and educators are the best they can be for the sake of our children and community.

Workshop and Coaching Rates

Development & Endowment

Financial Support for Schools Special opportunities may be available for BJE-accredited schools.

Professional Communities of Practice offer professional development, peer support, networking and opportunities for sharing of resources, information and programs

Legal Consortium - BJE-affiliated day schools are eligible to join BJE’s Legal Consortium.

Yeshiva & Day School Administrator Retreat – BJE offers an annual retreat for day school and Yeshiva administrators, and school leadership teams.

Financial Support for Schools

Legal Consortium

Yeshiva/Day School Administrator Retreat

Accessing Government Funding

CAPSO - California Association of Private Schools

For information about any of BJE’s work with day schools, contact BJE Director, Center for Excellence in Day School Education, Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8622

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