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Director of Education - Temple Beth El Religious School

Name of School: Temple Beth El Religious School

Location: San Pedro, California 
Job Title: Director of Education 

Job Description: 

I.    Responsible for developing, implementing, and supervising Temple’s program of religious education. 
II.    Recruit, select, supervise and periodically evaluate school faculty and support staff. 
III.    Establish classroom curricula 
IV.    Maintain student records, monitor student enrollment, review and distribute report cards, take disciplinary action and, in all other respects, 
act in the capacity of School Principal. 
V.    Establish a calendar of class sessions and holidays. 
VI.    Prepare and submit a proposed Torah School budget during the annual budgeting process and then manage the expenses in accordance with the 
approved budget. 
VII.    Plan, coordinate and supervise Camp Weekend programs and activities 
VIII.    Prepare and distribute manuals, handbooks and such additional written material to students, faculty and parents as may be appropriate 
IX.    Plan, organize and conduct orientation and training programs for faculty, students and parents  

X.    Plan, coordinate, and supervise children’s educational programs and activities during Temple’s High Holy Day religious services 
XI.    Make monthly reports and attend meetings of Temple’s Board of Education and Board of Directors. 
XII.    Attend regular meetings of Temple’s professional and administrative staff and work cooperatively with Temple’s Rabbi and Cantor to help plan, 
coordinate and evaluate Temple’s comprehensive program of spiritual, educational and social events. 
Employment Type (full time/part time) or hours/days per week? Part Time 

Preferred Degree: Yes 

Location (City): San Pedro, CA 

Preferred method of communication: Email 

Start date: Sun, 07/01/2018 

Benefits: Pension contribution, 2 weeks PTO, a small travel/conference allowance.   All else is negotiable. 

Salary range: $35,000-$45,000 commensurate with experience 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone Number: 310-780-7207 

Contact Information: Linda Gren 

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