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Every Math Learner: Differentiating Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom Part II

Dr. Nanci Smith,

Every Math Learner – Differentiating Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom
Facilitated by Nanci Smith
Target: Elementary  (November 16, 2016, February 9, 2017)
(Two-part series)

Come discover the impact of students’ differences on instruction and how those differences can be addressed through mathematics instruction that emphasizes conceptual understanding along with procedural fluency. Participants will use the framework of differentiation to:
•    Diagnose their own learning profiles, which can then be used to analyze students’ learning profiles.
•    Share and learn ways to evaluate students’ readiness and interests that impact learning.
•    Explore many different strategies for addressing student differences through rigorous instruction.
•    Participate in hands-on activities

Presenter: Dr. Nanci Smith

Location: Or Hachaim

Open only to BJE Consortium Members

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