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Courage and Clarity in the Face of Uncertainty

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Of Optimism and Hope in Unusual Times

Mar 17, 2020

During this seemingly unique period, I found myself reflecting on the life and times of BJE’s longest serving educational professional, Rabbi Zalman Ury, z”l.  Rabbi Ury, whose tenure at BJE spanned 1959-2006, lived an extraordinary life.  Born in a small town in Poland, he attended the famous yeshiva in Kletsk, headed by the noted Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Aharon Kotler.  During World War II, Zalman Ury and his yeshiva classmates were deported by the Soviets to a labor camp in Siberia, then to a collective farm in Uzbekistan.

BJE’s Annual Day School Retreat to Focus on Student Anxiety

BJE’s Annual Day School Retreat to Focus on Student Anxiety

Mar 03, 2020

There’s no question that, for students, parents and teachers alike, these are anxious times. According to mental health surveys, today’s teens and young adults are the most anxious ever, with a recent Pew study revealing that 70 percent of teens consider anxiety and depression a “major problem” among their peers. Academic and social pressures have continued to grow, and technology and social media have added an additional layer of stress and anxiety, with increasingly younger students.

Thriving in an Anxious World - BJE's Annual Day School Retreat Addresses Anxiety

On March 5, more than 100 day school educators will gather for BJE’s annual Jewish Day School Retreat.

This year’s topic – Thriving in an Anxious World – will engage educators in methodology and tools for helping students, parents and themselves cope in a time of tremendous and growing pressures.

Keynote - Dr. John Piacenti, Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Reshet Participants

BJE’s Reshet-LA Keeps on Growing!

Feb 19, 2020

On February 20, BJE’s Reshet-LA will "graduate" eight schools from Tier One of the program, bringing to 15 the total number of part-time Jewish school programs engaged in the practical work of school innovation. As the program continues to grow, participants are benefiting from the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from national experts in the part-time religious school world, opportunities that are only made possible through BJE.

BJE to Hold Annual Conference for Early Childhood Educators

Feb 03, 2020

On March 16, 2020 BJE will hold its annual Bebe Feuerstein Simon Early Childhood Institute. The conference provides early childhood educators with an opportunity to learn and practice new skills, network with other educators, and grow as professionals.  Due to the Coronavirus the conference this year will be held online.


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