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Positive Education Trainings - Kickoff In-Person Workshop

A cohort of 5 early childhood, 5 religious school and 5 day school educators will be trained the application of the science of wellbeing and principles of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Integrative Health in order to enhance staff, student, and community wellbeing and reduce ill-being.

Open to cohort participants only

Contact: Miriam Prum Hess, 323-761-8334



BJE’s First In-Person Meeting for Early Childhood Directors Since Pandemic a Huge Success

Dec 14, 2021

The Early Childhood Directors Network is a longstanding group within BJE, and the connections among the educators actually grew even stronger throughout the pandemic. Though they met only via zoom during this period, they came to rely on the opportunity to share experiences, successes and frustrations over the many months. On December 8th, 28 educators gathered at American Jewish University for the first in-person event since the shutdown began in March 2020.

Young baby lighting Hanukkah candles

From the Maccabees to Modernity: Enduring Lessons

Nov 29, 2021

Though it is a minor (post-Biblical) festival in the Jewish holiday cycle, Hanukkah has, owing to its calendar proximity to Christmas, assumed a particularly prominent place in the awareness of Jews and non-Jews in the United States. Hanukkah is often associated with a struggle for religious freedom. The plot line: the Judeans fought Greeks (Hellenists) who wanted to impose an alien religion on them; the Judeans chased them away and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem that had been defiled.


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