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BJE Wishes you a Happy Passover

Dignifying Diversity and Embracing

Mar 18, 2016

By Dr. Gil Graff

With Pesach on the near horizon, thoughts of the haggadah and its call to include, hear and relate to multiple voices take on heightened consciousness.  The haggadah opens the Passover narrative with an invitation to all who are in need, whether materially or in spirit, to join the seder experience.   Shortly thereafter, we expressly recognize (at least) four different attitudes among children with regard to the seder proceedings.   While calling for differentiated responses, each child is to be included in the broader conversation.

BJE’s First LA Religious School JEDCamp Takes Place

Feb 04, 2016

BJE’s first LA Religious School JEDCamp took place at University Synagogue on January 17 with 60 educators in attendance, representing seven different synagogues.
In 2009, a group of educators in Philadelphia envisioned an innovative new form of teacher professional development, one that  was organic, participant-driven created by educators, for educators. In 2010, the first EDCamp “unconference” was held, a day that gives educators a voice and relies on those present to set the agenda, create the workshops and learn from each other.

Is Hebrew at the Center?

Nov 01, 2011

By Arnee R. Winshall

Admittedly, I am a language junky. I find nothing more exciting than being able to go to a foreign country and talk to people in their own language instead of their having to talk to me in my language. (I have always been bothered by the measure of arrogance and inherent limitation associated with the view we, as Americans, have developed that the whole world should and will learn to speak English.) Of all the languages I can speak, understand, and read none share the status and importance of Hebrew.


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