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BJE Builder - Debbie Blumenthal, ECE Director Temple Etz Chaim

Jan 31, 2021

Every one of the students in our diverse ECE gets a Jewish education starting on day one. We infuse Judaism through songs and stories beginning with our infants through our kindergarteners. With our Middah of the Month, we make sure that each child understands the values inherent in our ancient tradition.

BJE Out of the Box Gala

Your support of the Out of the Box Gala recognizes the extraordinary work happening under the leadership of the directors of early childhood centers, part-time religious schools and day schools, and enables BJE to continue to provide meaningful support to schools, educators, students and parents when the needs created by this pandemic are even more profound.

To learn more about the Gala, click here.

BJE Builder - Randi Sher - Director of Temple Education, Temple Beth El San Pedro

Jan 27, 2021

Temple Beth El actively promotes Jewish education among our youth and adults. We pride ourselves on a substantial investment in providing many opportunities to learn about Judaism and Judaic life as it relates to our place and responsibilities in the world. Our future generations gain deeper meaning in their lives through learning about Jewish history and the practice of Jewish values and observances.

Temple Isaiah

BJE Builders - Dr. Tamar Andrews and Reuben Posner, Temple Isaiah

Jan 25, 2021

Temple Isaiah's Preschool and Religious School are a home for our families at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Our core values include respecting ourselves, respecting and honoring others, and respecting and protecting the world in which we live. It also includes the pursuit of justice and tikkun olam. It is exactly the nexus of Jewish tradition and modern innovations that has provided us with the tools we need to raise mensches, build community and repair the world, even today.  

ECDN PD: Five Non-Negotiable Skills for Increasing Enrollment

BJE, JTS, and the Jewish Federation's JECELI-LA would like to invite you to a special professional development opportunity with Julie Wassom on:

Wednesday, February 10, Five Non-negotiable skills for increasing enrollment - Third in the series

Tami Weiser, Jen Shankman and Stephanie Schwartz from Wise School

BJE Builders - Tami Weiser, Jen Shankman, Stepanie Schwartz - Wise School

Jan 19, 2021

The Wise Schools know that all students deserve the opportunity to learn deeply, be creative, experience wholeness in order to make great happen in the world. This is even more important using a Judaic lens. A Wise School graduate feels a strong connection to the State of Israel, our history, holidays and rituals, and an obligation to improve their community. 

Stacy Kesner director of early childhood center temple emanuel of beverly hills

BJE Builder Stacy Kesner, Director of Early Childhood Center, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills

Jan 17, 2021

Early Childhood is a critical time for children to develop their identity. Our Early Childhood Center provides each child with an environment created to stimulate curiosity, which in turn ignites learning and imagination. Our Judaic curriculum is multidimensional and joyful, helping to instill in each child an invaluable lifelong love of learning and community, which preserves our Jewish heritage.

BJE Builder Rabbi Adam Lutz

BJE Builder Rabbi Lutz - Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills

Jan 17, 2021

Jewish education provides students with a "lab-like environment" to learn, explore, and apply Judaism to real life! Classrooms reflect the real world both in content and social development so that when students leave the classroom and grow up into Jewish adults they understand in their kishkas that Jewish life and values permeate the world.


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