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BJE Builder - Rabbi Carrie Vogel, Director, Jewish Experience Center and Interim Director, Early Childhood Center, Kehillat Israel

Feb 04, 2021

Kehillat Israel’s Jewish Experience Center facilitates meaningful and joyful Jewish experiences for our young congregants and prepares students to be Jewish adults in our world today and in the future. A builder of Jewish education is someone who makes sure that the work they do is not only serving our communities now, but also builds the foundation in all young people within the community, so that they will become involved, knowledgeable Jews as they grow.

Julia Levine

BJE Builder - Julia Levine, Religious School Director Temple Ramat Zion

Feb 04, 2021

At Temple Ramat Zion, we feel that a Jewish education is critical for raising and educating children in a holistic way. We know that we educate our children in reading, math, art, science, etc. in order to prepare them for careers and to be good citizens, but a Jewish education prepares children to be good people and guardians of our tradition by using the wisdom of the past.

BJE Builder - Sharone Weizman, Director of Education and Youth Programming Kehillat Ma’Arav

Feb 04, 2021

Kehillat Ma’arav believes that education is the cornerstone of Jewish life. Education is an entry to Jewish history, practice, traditions, and beliefs, and helps instill values and a sense of community. We take an active approach to learning and get the students out of their seats and engaged so they experience Jewish life, rather than just learn about it. 

BJE Builder: Ori Zadok, Early Childhood Center Director Rose Engel Early Childhood Center at Adat Ari El

Feb 02, 2021

A connection to the past helps inform students’ values for the future. So in early education where a person’s identity begins to form, the work we do is to create positive associations with their Jewish identity so they can bring the power of their Jewish self to their lives. 

A Builder of Jewish education is someone who crafts either time or space for Jewish learning in all its various forms. Our educators create organic Jewish opportunities so that learning for child and family is immersive and experiential.

Julee Snitzer Levine

BJE Builder - Julee Snitzer Levine - Director of Supplemental Education Adat Ari El Jewish Learning Community

Feb 02, 2021

Adat Ari El believes that all Jewish children deserve a Jewish education. The JLC (Jewish Learning Community - Adat Ari El's Religious School) was formed to create a community of Jewish learners. A Jewish education influences a child's life in many positive ways. It weaves a moral, ethical and thoughtful component into the educational foundation that brings children closer to Judaism and provides a meaningful experience that will translate into a life-long gift.

BJE Builder Joyce Bronstein, Religious School Director, Temple Etz Chaim

Jan 31, 2021

The importance of Jewish education is multifaceted: to foster strong and vibrant students who will carry Judaism in their souls; to provide a strong foundation in the history, heritage, traditions, G-d, Israel, Bible, Mitzvot, music, art, and the overall beauty of Judaism; to teach students how to read Hebrew and feel comfortable chanting prayers; and to give students the tools to live a Jewish life as adults. 

BJE Builder - Debbie Blumenthal, ECE Director Temple Etz Chaim

Jan 31, 2021

Every one of the students in our diverse ECE gets a Jewish education starting on day one. We infuse Judaism through songs and stories beginning with our infants through our kindergarteners. With our Middah of the Month, we make sure that each child understands the values inherent in our ancient tradition.


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