Ivrit Teacher - YULA High School Boys Division

YULA High School Boys Division is seeking an outstanding and dynamic Ivrit teacher.

Part-time and full- time positions are available.


-  B.A. in Education or related fields. M.A. preferred.

-  3 years teaching experience

-  Native Hebrew speaker with strong English speaking background

-  Strong classroom management skills

-  Ability to differentiate instructions

-  Current with classroom education technology. School is a one to one laptop.

-  Desire to learn and grow.

Please email resume to Ziva Zeharya - [email protected]

"יְהִי כְּבוֹד תַּלְמִידְךָ חָבִיב עָלַיִךְ כְּשֶׁלְךָ..."  חֲזַ"ל

"May the honor of your student be as dear to you as yours".

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