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Music Director - Kantigas Muestras

Job Description:

Kantigas Muestras is a sing-along group of about 12 members who like to sing Ladino song and occasionally perform.

We are currently in need of a music director who would be willing to work with the group at least once a month.

Following are a few essential qualifications:
- reasonably good singing voice in order to demonstrate and lead vocally.
- ability to accompany with an instrument, preferably oud or guitar.
- familiarity with Ladino language/music or experience with ethnic folk music.
- resources to find and teach new songs when necessary.
Employment Type (full time/part time) or hours/days per week? Part time.
Preferred Degree: N/A
Location (City): Los Angeles
Preferred method of communication: Phone
Start date: Mon, 10/15/2018

Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (323) 653-3361
Contact Information: Merle Shamash (323) 653-3361

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