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Reshet-LA Educator Resources for Online Learning

The challenges of the new online landscape for part-time Jewish education has been met valiantly by Jewish educators across Los Angeles. With support from BJE-sponsored webinars and a vibrant community of practice, their schools have been able to creatively respond to the requirements and opportunities of engaging digital learning, as well as the needs and interests of their students and families.

These pages are a collection of resources that were created by and for members of the LA Religious School Educators Network, offering instructional assistance with a variety of online tools and platforms as well as sample lessons and curricular ideas for the creative use of those online tools. The content of these pages will be constantly in flux as new lessons are shared so check back regularly.

Where do you go to find the resources you need? What are you hoping to accomplish?

  • I am looking for ways to get better at using Zoom. Go to the Zoom Resources page

  • I'm hoping to organize all of the educational resources for students and teachers Check out Google Classroom or Seesaw

  • I want to make online learning more interactive and collaborative than Zoom. Visit the Padlet Resources page

  • How can online learning be made more fun? Consider using Bitmojis and Bitmoji classroom

  • Can my students make videos that their classmates can comment on? It is time to get to know Flipgrid

  • How can my kids easily do art online? There's something for you on the Autodraw page

To learn more about the full range of online tools available to educators, check out Jennifer Gonzalez's Teachers Guide to Tech


The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland has produced an interactive Educational Technology Resource Toolkit for Remote Learning. Click here to check it out.

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