Positive Education

In January 2022, BJE formally launched an initial cohort of 15 educators from early childhood centers, day schools, and religious schools for training in Positive Education. The program combines the science of wellbeing and principles of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Integrative Health in order to enhance staff, student, and community wellbeing. BJE has partnered with the Center for Positive Education to offer an intensive training program for participating educators, who will then introduce the approach – aimed at enhancing staff, student, and community wellbeing – to their schools. The program marks the first time BJE has organized such a training cohort with educators from across day schools, early childhood programs, and part-time religious schools.

The program is designed to help Jewish schools address the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, educators, and families.

In a partnership with Milken Community School, Sarah Rosenblum of Milken School, an expert in the application of positive psychology to Jewish education, is serving as BJE Positive Education Initiative Project Consultant.  She is working with BJE staff and the Positive Education cohort on in-school applications of the approach.  As part of the Initiative, programs highlighting a positive education approach will be offered to groups of educators and parents from schools beyond those represented by the training cohort. 

This program – which will include a second cohort launching in fall 2022 -- is generously supported by a Reimagine Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

For more information, please contact Dr. Gil Graff, Executive Director of BJE