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Building Jewish Education

Professional Communities of Practice

BJE is committed to strengthening Jewish education in every setting. In striving to meet BJE’s mission of enhancing the quality of Jewish education, continuing professional education efforts take many forms. Among these, professional learning networks help groups of educators, including principals, teachers, and specialists to grow and learn together. These groups provide professional development, peer support, networking and opportunities for sharing of resources, information and programs.

For more information please contact:

Early Childhood Directors Network - Carly Rosenstein, 323-761-8623 or [email protected]

Religious School Principals Network- David Lewis, 323-761-8618 or [email protected]

Service Learning Community of Practice - Maya Aharon, 323-761-8611 or Michal Kress, 323-761-8621 

Day School Networks:

Head of School Council - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322

Admissions/Marketing Network - Betty Winn(323) 761-8636

Development/Advancement Network – Betty Winn(323) 761-8636                       

General Studies Administrators - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322                   

Judaic Studies Administrators - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322                     

Hebrew Language Educators - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322                     

Student Support Services/Special Education - Michelle Porjes, (323) 761-8641                                               

Legal Consortium - Rabbi Jim Rogozen, 323-761-8322 


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