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Building Jewish Education

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BJE Builder - Sharone Weizman, Director of Education and Youth Programming Kehillat Ma’Arav

Feb 04, 2021

Kehillat Ma’arav believes that education is the cornerstone of Jewish life. Education is an entry to Jewish history, practice, traditions, and beliefs, and helps instill values and a sense of community. We take an active approach to learning and get the students out of their seats and engaged so they experience Jewish life, rather than just learn about it. 

BJE Builder Dr. Sarah Shulkind, Head of School, Milken Community School

Jan 12, 2021

As a Jewish school, our distinct challenge is to root our students in the joy and responsibility of Jewish learning, belonging, and practice and to enable them to learn from, contribute to, and creatively interact with the traditions, cultures, and values of our larger society. At the same time, to fulfill our mission as a Jewish school, we need to constantly ask ourselves: how do we cultivate our distinctive Jewish gifts with the most positive elements of our larger culture in order to refine the soul, renew the Jewish people, and repair the world? 

Keri Loventhal

BJE Builder -Keri Loventhal, Director Valley Beth Shalom Etz Chaim Learning Center

Jan 10, 2021

Our Etz Chaim Learning Center values the importance of creating a Jewish community for students who attend secular schools. We are committed to giving students a chance to experience and “do Judaism.” This happens in the classroom, yard, tefillah, shirah, family programs, school programs, holidays and Synagogue events. We strive for our students to leave our school as confident and knowledgeable individuals. We want our students to go out in to the world with a strong Jewish identity and seek out organizations or groups that represent their values.


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