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Early Childhood Education

Tami Weiser, Jen Shankman and Stephanie Schwartz from Wise School

BJE Builders - Tami Weiser, Jen Shankman, Stepanie Schwartz - Wise School

Jan 19, 2021

The Wise Schools know that all students deserve the opportunity to learn deeply, be creative, experience wholeness in order to make great happen in the world. This is even more important using a Judaic lens. A Wise School graduate feels a strong connection to the State of Israel, our history, holidays and rituals, and an obligation to improve their community. 

BJE Builder - Abby Andiman Mars, Early Childhood Center Director Valley Beth Shalom

Jan 10, 2021

Growing roots and wings. The Valley Beth Shalom Early Childhood Center is committed to nurturing young children and supporting their families through Jewish tradition, wisdom and values. We partner with families to provide a safe and loving community to create a more just, enlightened and peaceful world. Our commitment to tikkun olam resonates in all that we do, and permeates our curriculum, our relationships and our responsibility as Jews.

BJE Builders: Dr. Steven Lorch and Alisha Sela, Kadima Day School

Dec 24, 2020

By transmitting the Jewish tradition to a new generation, Kadima Day School seeks to transform received values, wisdom, and practices into the building blocks of lifelong Jewish meaning. We explicitly consider a love of Israel and the Jewish people, moral action, and social responsibility to be among the core dispositions and behaviors that are the hallmark of a Jewishly educated Kadima graduate.

First 36 Graduates with Victoria Simms

BJE and Simms/Mann Institute Graduate Final Class of First 36 Project

Sep 22, 2020

In August 2020, the fourth and final cohort of the First 36 Project was honored for completion of the program with a Zoom graduation ceremony. In addition to celebrating this year's program graduates, a variety of speakers also highlighted the overall impact of the Project on both the Fellows and the schools they represented.

Teacher with a young girl and boy in ECE

The Changing Early Childhood Landscape in Los Angeles

Aug 01, 2019

Not so long ago, Jewish preschools were thought of as “child care” and/or a way for their parent organizations (synagogues and day schools) to increase membership. In the past few decades, these programs have moved far beyond those limited roles, gaining in perceived importance. As the benefits and importance of early childhood education have become more widely acknowledged, parents have bought in - preschool has pretty much become a “given” among Jewish parents.

Professional Development for Early Childhood and Parent Education

Early childhood education is so much more than playtime for young children. Early Childhood Centers are places where children begin to develop who they are in relation to others; they are places where whole families grow, learn and build community; they start a trajectory for the child and the family that takes them into new areas of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and connection.

BJE works with 55 Jewish Early Childhood Centers and countless Parent & Me programs across greater Los Angeles. BJE’s ever-evolving services include:

Early Childhood and Parent Education

Early childhood education is, for many families, the beginning of their child's Jewish education. BJE works to ensure that the early childhood educational experience is of high quality and encourages families to continue their children’s Jewish educational journeys. BJE works with families to help them find the right early childhood experience for their child and works with Early Childhood Centers and Parent & Me programs directly to ensure that that experience is the best that it can be.

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