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Julia Levine

BJE Builder - Julia Levine, Religious School Director Temple Ramat Zion

Feb 04, 2021

At Temple Ramat Zion, we feel that a Jewish education is critical for raising and educating children in a holistic way. We know that we educate our children in reading, math, art, science, etc. in order to prepare them for careers and to be good citizens, but a Jewish education prepares children to be good people and guardians of our tradition by using the wisdom of the past.

BJE Builders - Claudine Douglas, Kathryn Jensen and Rabbi Keara Stein

Jan 03, 2021

Jewish education creates a quiet confidence in our students and shapes the future of our community and the world. Children internalize from a young age the importance of welcoming the stranger, engaging in acts of loving kindness, and viewing the world through a social justice lens. A builder of Jewish education has feet that are firmly planted in the rich traditions, values, and practices of Judaism and their sights focused on the future.

Reshet Participants

BJE’s Reshet-LA Keeps on Growing!

Feb 19, 2020

On February 20, BJE’s Reshet-LA will "graduate" eight schools from Tier One of the program, bringing to 15 the total number of part-time Jewish school programs engaged in the practical work of school innovation. As the program continues to grow, participants are benefiting from the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from national experts in the part-time religious school world, opportunities that are only made possible through BJE.

Religious School Educators Network Professional Development; top right: Carla Adivi, bottom right: Malka Clement

BJE Offers Teachers a Wide Array of Educational Opportunities

Nov 13, 2019

Ever wonder how your teachers get so smart? Well, we can’t take all the credit, but BJE does provide ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers in day schools, early childhood and part-time Jewish schools. Read on for more information about some of the varied programs available to teachers in Jewish schools just this fall!

Reshet LA Innovation CoP

Open to:  Innovation CoP participants

David Lewis, Director, Center for Excellence in Part-Time Jewish Education, will be co-leading with Dr. Isa Aron in-person workshops at Leo Baeck Temple:

Tier 1 (New participants in Program) discussing “Creating a Vision that Sticks”, and

Tier 2 (2nd year Reshet participants) “Deep Dive into Human Design Theory”.

For more information contact David Lewis at 323-761-8621


Religious School Innovation Marches Forward with BJE

Religious School Innovation Marches Forward with BJE

Aug 07, 2017

On the heels of June's successful conference on religious school innovation, which brought together nearly 150 religious school lay leaders and staff members from 45 synagogues to address this crucial issue, the Union for Reform Judaism and BJE have received a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles to take next steps to support religious school innovation.

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