Or Ami High Holy Days Camp

September 25th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Let your kids play while you pray!
Enroll your children in Pre-K through 6th grades in our fun, engaging High Holy Day Camp, held in the morning of adult serviecs.
High Holy Day camp features Music, games, movement ad art projects all rooted in Judaism by trained staff.

AMI School

Ami School is a supplementary school for Hebrew language studies, Jewish traditions, and Israeli culture.
The school is a non-profit organization.
The school is geared toward for children ages 5 - 15 who attend public school.
Our program consists of two hours of instruction, once a week in the afternoon, at one of our various locations. Our program is conducted entirely in the Hebrew language.

LA Jewish Home Volunteer Opportunities for School Age Kids and Teens

The Los Angeles Jewish Home offers a variety volunteer opportunities on both campuses located in Reseda (the San Fernando Valley) including: leading/assisting group activities, one to one match with a resident, reading to residents, calling bingo, assisting in arts and crafts, teaching computer workshops, playing a musical instrument, helping with Shabbat activities plus many more.

Kadima Day School

Kadima Day School provides an integrated general and Judaic studies education that is comprehensive and academically challenging. Our commitment to educational excellence and Jewish tradition teaches our students to maximize their academic, social, physical, and spiritual potential. A Kadima education instills a strong sense of identity, preparedness for higher education, and a commitment to responsible living guided by Jewish ethics and values.

Ilan Ramon Day School

Ilan Ramon Day School is a co-educational school from Preschool through elementary school. Our nationally recognized curriculum provides differentiated instruction for each student's needs and talents in a nurturing, inspiring, and challenging environment. Ilan Ramon Day School develops competent, independent, resourceful students with a strong sense of self, and a life-long commitment to learning and to Judaism. Ilan Ramon Day School curriculum includes science, technology, art, and music.

Temple Aliyah Religious School

Temple Aliyah's award-winning religious school is dedicated to providing our children with a quality Jewish education in a loving and interactive learning environment. Our program stresses parent participation and education, holiday enrichment activities, community projects, speakers, and field trips to help strengthen the connection between our children and the Synagogue, their homes, and the Jewish community.

Tzofim (Israeli Scouts)

The Israeli Scouts Movement, or Tzofim, is the largest youth movement in Israel.

Non-political and non-sectarian, the Scouts established and developed a framework based on education and values, to engage youth in a variety of social and enjoyable activities.

These coeducational activities encourage and focus on personal development, friendship and camaraderie, a ?giving? and involved community, foster democratic group life with an emphasis on personal initiative, leadership and excellence, knowledge of nature, love of country and protecting the environment.