CoP for Early Childhood Educators & Religious School Educators Network

The new option of Universal TK is having a dramatic effect on both Preschools and Religious Schools housed together under a common synagogue roof.  Through Carly’s ECE Network, we know it is affecting enrollment in the ECCs.  Through David’s Religious School Network, we know it is affecting Religious School’s ability to transition preschool graduates into the Religious School.  As this issue is impacting both school landscapes, there is a need to figure out what to do about it from all sides within the synagogue.

This is why we are inviting you to join us for a Pop-Up Community of Practice intended to provide a platform for synagogue teams of RS/ECC Directors to address the needs of children leaving ECC early to go to TK programs and bridge their participation in what’s next in the synagogue pipeline. Questions we will discuss include:

  • How do we see an organic progression within the institution and set them up for the religious school pathway (B’nei Mitzvah track)?  What do we do during the last year of ECC to make the bridge feel natural.
  • Who owns the program - RS or ECC?
  • How do we offer a program that is attractive and viable for TK families?
  • What are we doing to tailor our program to the needs of TK kids and engage the families appropriately, instead of just including them into our regular program? 
  • What types of teachers are needed to support this community? 
  • When does this program happen? 
  • What would the curriculum look like? 
  • What’s the goal of the program? 
  • What is the parent involvement? 
  • How can the BJE help support you in implementing your action plan?

We ask that you please discuss your interest in this initiative as a synagogue team; as we believe our time can be used most effectively if both the RS and ECC Director from the same institutions participate and are present. Please reach out to us individually - Carly Rosenstein for Early Childhood educators and David Lewis for Religious School Educators Network - if you are interested in participating but one or both of the school directors are not available to participate. 

If you would like to join us for the first meeting, please RSVP to Carly Rosenstein at [email protected] before Thanksgiving. 


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