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ECDN Spring "Paint Your Essence" Event

The ECDN will be gathering for their annual spring in-person gather to nosh, schmooze and put self-care into practice with a special “Paint your Essence” hands-on painting workshop with Karen Sachs. Open to all members of the Early Childhood Directors’ Network.

Join us for a creative day of exploring and discovering the unique ways in which taking care of yourself can help fill you with energy, restfulness, inspiration, and joy. Experience the healing power that comes from uncovering those blind spots within ourselves – areas we have not been fully acknowledging or addressing or maybe stubbornly ignoring. It's time to open our hearts (and minds!) to discover what true success is - when it begins with liking who YOU are thoroughly and treating yourself with respect. Whatever your circumstances, I ask you to let them go and allow for possibilities to show up where you see your uniqueness, like the artwork you will be making. Come explore how much more fulfilling life can be when we take ownership of our well-being at PLAYING WITH SELF-CARE, a Paint Your Essence workshop!

Paint Your Essence is an experience that allows you to learn more about yourself in a fun, playful, and safe way. You'll be guided through the process of creating your own painting while learning how to express yourself through different colors, shapes, and textures. This workshop will help you find inspiration within yourself to create something truly unique!


9:30-10:00 Check-in    

10:00-12:00 “Playing with Self-Care” a Paint Your Essence Workshop with Karen Sachs

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:00 Presentation/Discussion on AJU’s Mentor Teacher Training Program for our ECCs

Everyone will leave the workshop with a painted canvas. We will be using acrylic paint so please dress accordingly for this hands-on painting workshop or feel free to bring a smock or apron.

Please register by Monday, April 24th, 2023


Questions or to register? Contact Carly Rosenstein, Director of BJE's Center for Excellence in Early Childhood

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