Bubbles & Bagels is a weekly Sunday morning class for 12–24-month-olds and 1-2 caregivers. Featuring music, art, storytelling & movement, it's an excellent avenue for getting to know one another and the Temple Isaiah community. Lead educator is a beloved longtime Isaiah preschool teacher accompanied by a weekly rotation of Isaiah clergy, educators and special guests. Session one begins October 1. Build your tribe: sing dance, nosh & play in community!

Brawerman Summer Camp 2023 at Wilshire Boulevard Temples

Brawerman Elementary School is offering six weeks of enriching summer camp at the Glazer Campus. Camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to have a fun-filled summer while also developing important life skills. The experienced and dedicated Brawerman teaching staff will create a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore nature, express their creativity, and build lasting friendships. Camp activities include experiences in woodworking, water play, sports, drama, science, visual arts, nature, cooking, movement, and music.

Miracle Project Miracles in Action - Fall Term

Thursdays, Date: 8/24/2023 - 12/14/2023
From: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
*No class Nov. 23, 2023.

A fully-inclusive leadership development & mentorship program for teens and adults interested in giving back to The Miracle Project community. Through arts-based acts of service and community-organizing activities, individuals in the Miracles in Action program take the skills and characteristics cultivated in TMP classes and apply them as leaders in their communities.
Classes are online with opportunities for in-person events in the Los Angeles area.
Ages 15+

Yeshivath Ohr Elchonon Chabad

Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad High School offers a competitive program with a full day of intense learning.

Because of limited space due to large class sizes in the local schools, we accept only very few out of town students. Registration for students outside of the West Coast region will be available after Purim.

For students applying from the local area, please contact the office for assistance:
[email protected] 323-937-3763

Temple Beth Am Jewish Learning Community (JLC)

Sundays, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
& Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Our educational model aims to enrich and empower each child?s Jewish journey through developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

We foster learning journeys through an encounter with a lived Judaism rich in ideas, ritual, text, and practice.

Through an encounter with their own experiences in Judaism, and in collaboration with their peers and families, our children learn through experience and get to know, act and feel the Judaism of our past, our present, and our future.

Westside JCC Early Childhood Center

The Westside JCC Preschool recognizes the significant role it can play in establishing a framework through which Jewish experiences can be integrated into an enriching, child centered, play and art based preschool curriculum. We believe children are natural learners, soaking up the world around them like sponges. We share the image of children as being creative, resourceful, powerful and capable human beings.