Innovating Israel Education - Solving the Israel Education Rubik’s Cube

Israel Education has always been a difficult challenge in the Religious School landscape due to lack of time, competing content goals, and a lack of a strong set of educational goals re: Israel.  Coupled with the reduction of teens/youth participating in Israel trips and political tension both inside and outside of Israel…it becomes hard to bring our Homeland into our children’s Jewish curricula of learning and experiences.  Participants in this ICoP are on a quest to innovate aspects of their Israel curriculum to elevate its impact and value for all school constituents.

The first year of this BRAND NEW FOR 2023-2024 ICoP will consist of 8 1-hour learning sessions facilitated by Prof. Sivan Zakai of HUC-JIR, who is on the leading edge of research on Israel Education in the United States.  She will lead us in an overview of the issues and challenges we face as educators, and how the landscape and approaches are evolving.  With a foundation of understanding provided by Prof. Zakai, the second year of this ICoP (2024-2025) will focus on articulating an action plan for innovating Israel education in each participant's own school and taking first steps of implementation, supported by provided coaches and ICoP meetings.

All Innovating Israel Instruction ICoP meetings will occur on Tuesdays from 1 PM - 2 PM.  The Calendar for 2023-2024 for this ICoP is (fuller descriptions of meeting can be found on our Network platform).

Contact David Lewis for more information.

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