The Responsive Classroom - Elementary School

RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM-Elementary School Core Course

(August 8-11)

Designed for teachers of Grades K-6.  In four engaging and interactive days, you will learn about the practices and strategies of the Responsive Classroom approach, designed to create safe and joyful learning communities where all students can thrive—while helping them develop strong social, emotional, and academic skills. You will also have the opportunity to:

•    Engage in energizers and interactive learning structures that can be used with students
•    Experience an Academic Choice lesson that can be adapted for any grade level
•    Plan Interactive Modeling, role-play, and Guided Discovery lessons to use with students
•    Map out your learning space to include elements of classroom organization
•    Create detailed plans for implementation of Responsive Classroom practice

Workshop Presenter:  Center for Responsive Classroom

Time:  8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Requirements:  Participants must be employed by a BJE Consortium school for 2022-23 school year and must be a teacher and/or administrator teaching a core secular program. Participants must register and must attend all 4 days of the workshop.

Contact: Marie Perez, 323-761-8612

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