B Mitzvah: The Newest Innovation of Jew

Your home. A backlot studio. The Baal Shem Tov Forest in the Galilee. A golf course. The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The beach. A community synagogue in Los Angeles. Open Temple creates sacred spaces in the world surrounding us. Read what was featured in the Jewish Journal about Open Temple’s customizable B Mitzvahs.

At Open Temple, each bar and bat mitzvah is an opportunity for our community to renew our Jewish Journeys and renew our vision through the lens of our bar or bat mitzvah – the newest innovation of Jew. Read what David Suissa wrote about an Open Temple Bar Mitzvah at the Museum of the Holocaust.

B Mitzvah also includes small group Hebrew lessons and access to our aleph-bet learning platform.

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Kirsten Hudson
Beach Cities
Santa Monica