Moriah Behavioral Health

We provide comprehensive care for adolescents, aged 12-17, struggling with mental health and/or eating disorder diagnoses. We maintain a complete continuum of care including residential (RTC), intensive-outpatient (PHP/IOP), and transitional living, all located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are in-network with many national insurance providers and procure single-case agreements with out-of-network providers via our hard-working in-house insurance billing & UR teams. The average length of stay for a kiddo in our residential program is 90 days. We have been effectively treating the full range of Mood and Axiety Disorders and eating Disorders since 2018.

Teens at Moriah live in comfortable and spacious residential-style homes. At any given time there can be up to 10 teens on their treatment journey together. Our staff-to-teen ratio is 1:3, and usually more. Each client has his or her own comfortable bedroom, walk-in closet, beautiful & clean living spaces, and lovely outdoor pool. Our homes are both gender-specific & coed, and each new client is placed in the milieu that is best suited for her or him.

In addition to our comprehensive treatment program for teenagers, we offer a supplemental faith-based Jewish integration to provide members of the Jewish community with a holistic & culturally safe environment for recovery & healing.

Program Contact

Ilan Weinberg