The JQ Helpline - Support & Resources for LGBTQ+ Jews, their Families, & Allies

The JQ Helpline provides inclusive support and resources for LGBTQ+ Jews, their families, and allies.
Call, text, or email the JQ Helpline today.
855.JQI.HLPS (855.574.4577)

Wherever you are and whatever you need,
the JQ Helpline is here for you.

The JQ Helpline is the only resource and support line in the US dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ Jews and their allies. The free and confidential JQ Helpline provides customized support and inclusive resources over the phone, by email, and in-person to those in need. Wherever you are, contact the JQ Helpline for trained and compassionate professionals who will help you find the resources and support you need.

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