Adat Ari El Camp Sababa CIT Program

8 am - 3 pm
Session 1 - 6/17-6/28
Session 2 - 7/1-7/12
Session 3 - 7/15-7/26
Session 4 - 7/29-8/9
Description: All CITs (rising 7th-9th graders) should be interested in working with children, and possess maturity, flexibility, a strong work ethic, and the ability to have fun. CITs will improve their leadership, critical thinking, creativity, and follow-through skills by planning and executing their own activity at least once during the 2-week session. They will be assigned an age group and assist our preschool teaching staff with children aged 2-5 years. Additionally, a member of the Adat leadership team will have a check-in with the CITs and take them on an offsite excursion once per session.
Contact Person: Rabbi Holtzman ([email protected])

Program Contact

Rabbi Holtzman
East Valley
North Hollywood
Sherman Oaks
Valley Village
Studio City

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