Family Trip to Israel 2024 with Jewish National Fund

December 22 - 29, 2024
Join us, along with other families for a tour including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Southern Israel. Our family tour will give you the opportunity to explore the markets, vibrant neighborhoods, and metropolitan city of Tel Aviv, discover the gems of the Negev desert, immerse yourself in the spirituality and history of Jerusalem all while connecting with other families. Experience a curated, fun adventure with activities that are suited for all ages and will guarantee lasting memories for your whole family.
Travel along the scenic coastal route and discover the hidden gems of the south.
Discover Jerusalem’s rich history through its ancient landmarks, timeless architecture, and revived neighborhoods.
Engage with influential figured and local pioneers who are shaping Israel’s future.
Get acquainted with Israel’s thriving culinary scene.
See the impact in Jewish National Fund-USA’s groundbreaking work that is transforming the north into a cradle of innovation.
Explore the cultural melting pot of Tel Aviv through its fascinating historical sites, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant local markets.
Celebrate your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah by the Western Wall.
Tour Masada and participate in Jewish National Fund-USA Be Inscribed Torah Scroll Initiative by having your own honorary letter written into a Torah by a Jewish Sofer (scribe).


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