The J of Los Angeles Hive - Infant Care

The Hive is a full-time infant and toddler program serving the youngest members of our community
between the ages of six weeks to 2 years of age. The Hive will engage the whole family well beyond
the typical daycare. Parents and families will be warmly welcomed into the Westside JCC community
and have access to parent education classes, Shabbat and holiday programs, and community events.
Within The Hive, we understand that infants are capable learners and thus, we will provide them
with a safe and stimulating environment where exploration is encouraged, and curiosity is fostered.
As part of the Early Childhood Center, our infant program is rooted in the Jewish values of kindness,
community, inclusivity, and respect.
With our 3:1 ?bee? to teacher ratio, your young learner will be cared for by a team of loving and
highly trained professionals who are eager to partner with you on this journey. Our experienced
teachers will nurture your child's development and meet their changing needs with compassion
and care