HaZamir: The International Jewish Teen Choir

Conductor: Dor Kaminka

Contact Email: [email protected]

Rehearsal Time: Tuesday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
[email protected]
HaZamir: The International Jewish Teen Choir is a youth movement that welcomes Jewishly identified and musically talented teens from a broad range of cultural backgrounds and levels of religious observance. HaZamir offers high schoolers in 36 chapters across the United States and Israel the opportunity to learn and sing Jewish choral music at the highest musical standard and on the world's greatest stages. In weekly rehearsals, regional gatherings, and the HaZamir International Festival, HaZamir teens study Jewish text and history, grow as leaders, cultivate a deep connection to Israel, and create enduring friendships that transcend geographic, political, social, and denominational differences. Together the singers of HaZamir create harmonious unity and long-lasting connections, to one another and Judaism, through excellence in music.

To perform at the highest level of artistic excellence.
To strengthen the Jewish identities of HaZamir participants.
To model and build a pluralistic community.
To cultivate international ties between American and Israeli teens.
To create a training ground for a new generation of Jewish leadership.