Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center Early Childhood Center

Emek's Early Childhood Center strongly believes that during the formative preschool years children learn to navigate the world. Creating a safe and nurturing environment based upon the enduring foundation of Torah and mitzvot, Emek's ECC staff focuses on providing all the tools necessary for success in life, academically and personally. We work to provide an environment of absolute and unconditional love and acceptance, respecting the individuality of each child and encouraging growth and learning through age-appropriate experiences. Full-Day (8:30 am- 3:15 pm) or Half Day (8:30 am- 12:30 pm) for Gesher to Kindergarten. Contact Person: Bernice Zachariash;
Email: [email protected]; Phone: (818) 980-0155;
Address: 12732 Chandler Blvd. Valley Village, Ca. 91607; Website:
http://www.emek.org; Contact Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Contact Phone: (818) 980-0155

Program Contact

Mrs. Bernice Zachariash
Sherman Oaks
Valley Village