Gan Israel

The real beauty of Gan Israel, says the school's Rabbi and Judaic Director, Rabbi Meyer Green, is that every family, regardless of their level of observance, feels right at home in this environment. The emphasis is completely on the positive and on the experiential. From the Alef-Bet to the ABC's; the weekly Torah portion to Jewish ethics; subjects are not merely taught in the classroom, but are animated and brought vividly to life - with music, with dance, with stories. Likewise, whether it's a holiday event, a Friday night dinner or a school graduation, there is a special spirit in the air that embraces child and parent alike. This school spiritually feeds the community, and vice versa. In the words of Director Renee Hutchings, Beyond the high level of professionalism we aspire to, there is that abstract dimension that endears this program to all involved. That dimension is love. It's warmth. It's Chabad.

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Renee Hutchings