Yachad Night Gemara Learning Group For Men Only at YULA Boys

First Tuesday of the month. May 2, 2017 and Shavuot all day learning on Shavuot on May 30th.
The Learning program will be followed by our weekly Tuesday With Yachad event. Night Seder with walk together to the office. Pizza will be served. 5:15pm drop off at YULA Boys school, 9760 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles. 7:00pm pick up at Yachad office 9831 Pico Blvd.. https://www.yachad.org/losangeles/events/series/1112/night-seder/
Contact Monica Kohan Rukhman, Dircetor, at 310-229-9000 x206 or [email protected].

Pico Robertson