Congregation Or Ami Kesher Religious School

Kesher means “connection.” Kesher is Or Ami’s K-6th grade youth learning program. At Congregation Or Ami, we believe that Jewish education should nurture our students and leave them with a love of Judaism, a love of Congregation Or Ami as their synagogue and second home, and an understanding and appreciation for why Judaism and Or Ami are sacred in their lives. We seek to foster within each child in Kesher the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed:

To act ethically in daily life based on Jewish values;
To observe Jewish rituals at home and in the synagogue in meaningful ways;
To participate comfortably in Shabbat and Holy Day services; and
To appreciate the centuries of Jewish history, literature and civilization contributing to the strength and survival of the Jewish people and Israel.
In Kesher, Hebrew and Judaica studies are integrated, yet reading and chanting Hebrew prayers is taught separately. Each session includes community building, interactive learning about Judaism, Hebrew language study (or Hebrew through movement for younger grades), and t’filah (creative prayer experiences).