Ulpan-Or Le3arn Hebrew

Embracing Hebrew: A Curriculum for All Ages
At Ulpan-Or, we have crafted an interactive Hebrew curriculum that transcends traditional boundaries, catering to learners of all ages – from the curious minds in kindergarten to K12 students, to the inquisitive scholars in universities, and even to the lifelong learners among adults.
Our curriculum isn't just about language; it's a journey through the rich tapestry of Jewish heritage, the vibrant culture of Israel, the nuances of modern Israeli life, and the deep roots of our holidays and history.
This broad spectrum ensures a seamless and consistent Hebrew learning journey, integral to reinforcing Jewish identity and heritage.
Watch the following interview with the Heads of Herzlia, of the largest schools in South Africa. They discuss the contribution of Ulpan-Or's Hebrew curriculum to their students.

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Yoel Ganor