Shemesh Farms

Shalom Institute?s ShemeshFarms helps integrate young adults with special needs and diverse abilities into the community, and empowers them through meaningful employment, skill development, socialization, and provides them a purpose.

ShemeshFarms employees ? called Farm Fellows ? work on Shemesh Organic Farm planting and harvesting, and creating our signature ShemeshFarms herb-infused culinary salts, Malibu pink pepper, and spices which we sell at ShemeshFarm Stands at Los Angeles area Farmer?s Markets and on The Farm Fellows participate in every aspect of the enterprise which includes branding, marketing, farming, product development, sales, and packaging and shipping the products sold via our online store.

Farm Fellows also create crafts to sell at the Farmer?s Markets and spend time in health and wellness activities ? such as hiking and yoga ? while at Shalom Institute.

For more information, contact our ShemeshFarms Director, Nicky Pittman at [email protected].

Program Contact

Nicki Pitman