Camp JCA Shalom

Mini Camp Alef: 2nd - 4th grades 7/3 7/7
Mini Camp Bet: 2nd - 6th grades 7/9 7/14
Mini Camp Gimmel: 2nd - 6th grades 7/16 7/21
Session 1: 2nd - 8th grades 6/19 - 6/30
Session 2: 5th - 8th grades 7/3 - 7/21
Session 3: 2nd - 8th grades 7/24 - 8/4
Gesher Alef: 9th grades 6/19 -6/30
Gesher Bet: 9th grade 7/3 -7/21
Gesher Gimmel: 9th grade 7/24-8/4
TASC Alef: 10th - 11th 6/19-6/30
TASC Bet: 10th - 11th grades 7/3-7/21
TASC Gimmel: 10th- 11th grades 7/24-8/4
KIBBUTZ: 11th grade 6/26-7/21
CIT: 12th grade 6/18 -7/23
ISRAEL TRIP: 22 days 11th grade 7/9-7/30
Age: 7 Years Old - 18 Years Old
Grade: 2nd Grade - 12th Grade

Mini camps and teen camps are also available. Check the website for more dates.

For almost 70 years, Camp JCA Shalom has been the Camp for All Seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, thousands of campers and staff experience the magic of Camp JCA Shalom. Camp?s vision of Tikkun Olam creating a better world is fulfilled through a positive Jewish living experience in the natural setting of the Shalom Institute. In our warm and supportive environment, campers experience living, learning, and playing in a group setting that encourages personal growth and self-discovery.

We will create our Camp JCA magic in the beautiful Angeles National Forest at Gold Creek Center!

The camp staff has been thorough and tenacious in search of the best location and Gold Creek Center is ideal for us. The beautiful, natural setting has the camp vibe we are used to. We will be able to maintain our cabin-centered approach to the camp experience with cabin-like housing units (that are air-conditioned and have attached bathrooms and showers!). Campers will experience the same Camp JCA Shalom culture and community that leads to making great friendships and experiencing life-changing moments. Camp remains a safe place for your child to grow and learn and have fun. The campus is secure on a private mountain road and we will not be sharing the site with another group as in most of the other locations that were considered. We will have security on-site as we did in Malibu.

Gold Creek Center is beautifully tucked away at the foot of the magnificent mountains of the Angeles National Forest, just 20-30 minutes from the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Santa Clarita and less than 45 minutes from the Conejo Valley and West Los Angeles. The 270+ acres include a pool, ball fields, basketball courts (indoor and outdoor), air-conditioned indoor program spaces, and the activities and fun you are used to from camp in Malibu.

The site allows us to do the activities our campers love - gaga, ropes course, arts and crafts (tie-dye!), Jamba Jews, bike blenders, archery, gardening, water activities, pioneer living, outdoor cooking, nature walks, beach trips, overnights, mountain biking, horse and animal experiences, Israeli dance and Israel programming, song sessions, Shabbat services, and so much more! Our chef Jorge and his kitchen staff will be with us all summer, along with Robbo and our top-notch counselors and specialists.

8955 Gold Creek Rd, Sylmar, CA 91342

Program Contact

Allison David

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