The Beach Cities Chabad Growing Garden Summer Camp

Each summer our preschool is open for our Camp Growing Garden. The camp is for children from 3 months through 4 years of age. For children 5 years and older we have a separate Camp Gan Israel at the same campus.

Each week of camp we have a unique theme where all the activities and learning follow the weekly theme. Here are some of the activities your child will enjoy at Camp Growing Garden

Water Days

In addition to lots of amazing camp activities, we have Water Fun days. This means your child will play in our wading pools or with sprinklers and have lots of water fun keeping them cool and entertained. Water safety is our priority so children are supervised by teachers who keep a constant eye on the wading pool at all times.
Special Visitors

Guests visit our camp for special entertainment and activities. Mad Science, A Bouncer, Animal Visits and a Drum Circle are just some of our exciting activities coming to ?Camp Growing Garden?!


We have regular cooking activities on cooking days! It is always fun experimenting in our very own kitchen!

Shabbat Spirit Days!

Fridays are always Shabbat Spirit Days. We will have a Shabbat party for the entire camp and we make challah and shape it for the weekly themes.

Sun Protection

Over the summer we spend a lot of time outside. We always apply sunscreen to each child before they go outside. We will reapply sunscreen through out the day.

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