BBYO Israel Journey

Travel with teens from around the world on a cross-country and cross-cultural journey in the Jewish Homeland. Discover Israel's many treasures by traveling between the Golan Heights in the far north to the tropical Red Sea in the deep south. Experience a Shabbat in the heart of Jerusalem, watch the sunrise from atop Masada, and tap into the innovative spirit of Tel Aviv.

Israel Journey covers all of the classic sites you need to experience ? ancient Jerusalem, modern Tel Aviv, the lush Galilee mountains, the vast Negev Desert, the unsinkable Dead Sea and the mountaintop fortress on Masada. But we'll also take you much further. Enjoy a BBQ on the beach, take part in an active archaeological dig, sample the world's very best falafel and spend a night under the stars.

More than a tour, this is a journey that is about discovering your own personal connection to this very ancient and very modern land. It's about exploring what it means to be Jewish from an Israeli point of view, It's about understanding the politics of the Middle East with new real world insights. And it's about living Jewish values through hands-on community service and Shabbat experiences.