Habonim Dror MACHANEH BONIM B'ISRAEL (Israel Programs)

June 30 - July 27th
HDNA and NFTY have partnered to offer a 4-week trip for anyone interested in engaging with Israel through a Habonim Dror lens. Together with peers from 6 Habonim Dror North America camps, create and be part of an immersive traveling Israel program. Expect the iconic Israel experiences, from hiking Masada to exploring Jerusalem, with an emphasis on values-based education and deep engagement with dilemmas of modern Israel. Meet your national kvutza, share your camp traditions and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
What is MBI?
Experience Israel by participating in the most unique program of its kind from North America. Join MBI for a five-week summer adventure with your post grade 10 national shichva (age group). On MBI you will travel the country from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; from the Golan Heights to the Negev. Learn first hand about the Israeli peoples, history, culture and society.

Relationships developed during MBI program last a lifetime. Participants will be split into tour groups to experience the country. Activities focus on building strong ties within their groups and with their national shichva (age group). A central goal of the MBI program is to help create young leaders with strong Jewish identities who will use these their knowledge at home, in their communities and at their machaneh (summer camp). The MBI program fosters growth and new levels of understanding by creating a powerful learning environment. Israeli, North American and international youth are brought together to provide diverse insight in topics such as community building, Judaism, and the Palestinian?Israeli conflict. MBI participants will be given the opportunity to learn independently and communally about their connection to Israel and Jewish society.