Tzofim (Israeli Scouts)

The Israeli Scouts Movement, or Tzofim, is the largest youth movement in Israel.

Non-political and non-sectarian, the Scouts established and developed a framework based on education and values, to engage youth in a variety of social and enjoyable activities.

These coeducational activities encourage and focus on personal development, friendship and camaraderie, a ?giving? and involved community, foster democratic group life with an emphasis on personal initiative, leadership and excellence, knowledge of nature, love of country and protecting the environment.

In order to maintain a connection between the Israeli Scouts movement in Israel and North American Jewry, the Tzofim expands its programming to North America.

The chapters in the states focus on the core values of the Israeli Scouts Movement in Israel as well as helping the youth develop and maintain a strong Israeli and Jewish identity.

?Shevet Chen? in the San Fernando Valley stands as the largest chapter of the Tzofim in North America, with over 200 participants.

Shevet Chen reaches youth ages 9-18, in grades 3-12, and provides their participants beyond a social experience; participants of gain a higher understanding of the meaning of their Jewish heritage and strengthen their bond with Israel, thereby fostering and sustaining a strong Israeli and Jewish identity.

Shevet Chen conducts meaningful events and activities throughout the year.

Conducted mainly in Hebrew, activities take place once a week and are aimed at the development of our youth?s intellect, social skills, and morals through activities tailored for specific age groups.

In addition to standard weekly activities, Shevet Chen organizes special activities such as celebrations of Israeli holidays, Friday night Shabbat services and community service.

Shevet Chen is currently located at Temple Aliyah, 6025 Valley Circle Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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