Part-Time Religious School - Positive Education CoPs 2023-2024



Positive education is the application of the science of wellbeing and principles of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Integrative Health to enhance staff, student, and community wellbeing and reduce ill-being.  It focuses on building positive emotions, willpower, grit, emotional regulation, resilience, mindfulness, growth mindsets and strengths.  Schools that participate in this ICoP share a common quest to identify best practices and implement action-plans to address the wellness of all its constituents.  


BJE’s Reshet-LA’s PosEd ICoP is entering its third year.  Currently, there are 11 active participants in this ICoP (Temple Ramat Zion, Kehillat Israel, Temple Menorah, HaMakom, Temple Akiba, Temple Beth Am, Temple Isaiah, Nagel Jewish Academy, Sinai Temple, Malibu Jewish Center, and Temple Ahavat Shalom).  Working with outside consultant and PosEd subject matter expert Sarah Epstein, the ICOP will, this year, work collectively to implement a PosEd Holiday based program; developing curriculum and facilitating teacher training for Hanukkah, Tu B’Shvat, Purim, and Passover.  In addition, they will be developing a teacher resource book collecting instant PosEd activities that their entire staff can use in the classroom. A unique feature of this ICoP is that participating Religious Schools work/learn with similar cohorts from the ECC and Day School landscapes. 


The PosEd Meeting Calendar for 2023-2024 is (fuller descriptions of meeting can be found on our Network platform): 

  • 6 School Directors’ meetings 

  • All 6 of these meetings occur on Tuesdays from 1-2 PM 

  • Oct. 3rd - Lay out the Year 

  • Nov. 7th - Chanukah Prep 

  • Jan. 9th - Tu BiShvat Prep 

  • Feb. 20th - Purim Prep 

  • March 19th - Passover Prep 

  • May 7th - Reflection, Evaluation, Next Steps 


  • 4 Teacher Training Workshops 

  • All 4 of these meetings occur on Tues. evenings from 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM and are facilitated by Sarah Epstein.  They will occur on: 

  • Nov. 14th - Chanukah 

  • Jan. 9th - Tu BiShvat 

  • March 5th - Purim 

  • April 2nd – Passover 

**Entire school staffs and their Directors are expected to participate (*Cohort II schools are expected to attend all 4 workshops.  Cohort I participants are expected to have new teachers or teachers who could not attend last year's training participate in the Holiday workshops they missed and their entire staff join for the new-this-year Tu BiShvat  workshop).