How to Teach and Help our Kids Cope with War in Israel

Resources for Parents and Educators

The unfolding situation in Israel is frightening for children, teachers, and parents. BJE: Builders of Jewish Education is supporting educators and families with immediate tools and training to help children and adults cope, learn and process the crisis. We will continue to update this list of resources for parents and educators. The organizations herein represent a range of perspectives. We encourage you to find and use the information that most resonates with you, your family, or your school.  We welcome your input. 

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The Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan University

The Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan University

Educator resources for students dealing with trauma, tragedy, and loss. 


Prizmah Day School Network

Prizmah Day School Network

Prizmah has curated resources to assist students in processing tragic events, as well as classroom materials about the war and broader conflict.

JECC (Cleveland) response curriculum

Responding to the Crisis - resources for your learners of all ages. Resources

Jewish Education Project

Talking to your Children about Israel in a Time of Crisis – collection of resources from the Jewish Education Project
Exploring the Current Israeli-Palestinian Crisis (Jewish Education Project, 2021)


NAEYC - Early Childhood Education

Supporting young children after crisis events. Resource

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Talking to Kids About War - Resource

Bright Beginnings – Helping Your Children Manage Their Anxiety
More Resources

Have We Been Teaching Kids About Israel All Wrong? (Sivan Zakkai, 2022)

How to Talk to Children About Israel | Reform Judaism (Robbie Gringras, date unknown)

Responding to Crisis (Jewish Education Center Cleveland, 2015)

On The Map  (Jewish LearningWorks)

Talking to Our Kids (ejewishphilanthropy)

Israel Link