BJE March of the Living


BJE March of the Living is an annual two-week experiential education program for high school students where they travel to Poland and Israel (this year Israel only) to learn about their Jewish past, present and future.  The guiding philosophy of the program is to fully immerse participants in meaningful experiences that will prepare them for and propel them into adulthood ready to: remember, educate and act.  The two-week experience is built around the group commemorating Yom Hashoah usually in Poland (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) in Israel.  Due to the crisis in Ukraine the trip has pivoted to Israel only.

The Los Angeles delegation is extremely fortunate to be joined each by Holocaust Survivors via Zoom who share personal experiences about their lives and create lasting relationships with the teens throughout their journey.

We at BJE March of the Living shape program goals and objectives around the following mantra: "Remember. Educate. Act."  We look forward to having a meaningful trip! 

For questions please contact Abby Cutler, [email protected], Director, Teen Experiential Education Programs.

BJE- March of the Living (Los Angeles) from BJE on Vimeo.

BJE March of the Living Survivor Talk - Eva Perlman from BJE on Vimeo.

Testimonies & Quotes 

“My March of the Living experience exceeded my every expectation. I was reminded of the importance of fighting antisemitism today and I made a commitment to dedicate my life to pursuing social justice through a Jewish lens. Thank you for making it possible for students like me to have the life changing experience of marching in Auschwitz and in Israel alongside Holocaust survivors. This program is one that has, and will continue to, contribute strongly to my Jewish identity.” ~L. Kamran, 2019

“This trip has completely changed my life. It’s difficult to even put into words how I felt after this experience. From the horror, intensity, and power of the Poland experience, to the joy, hope, and gratitude of being in Israel, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. This trip helped strengthen my Jewish identity and sense of responsibility to the Jewish people and the state of Israel. To educate myself on all platforms about world issues, especially those regarding Israel and Judaism. I can’t thank you enough for your donations that allowed me, and every teen that attended the trip, to embark on such a life changing journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Sophie” ~S. Kaplan, 2019
“The most powerful memory from our week in Poland was the time we spent at the mass grave in Zbylitowska Gora. Not only was the content so powerful and the memory of what happened there, but also the whole atmosphere and the mood created both naturally by the setting and by all of the staff. The expectations were set before we left the busses and so people were more ready to listen. Maya and Liat both led an amazingly powerful discussion and ceremony for the victims that left not a single person emotional.” ~E. Nulman, 2019

“The time we spent at the Israeli high school was amazing. It was so wonderful to learn what they thought about Israel growing up there and having such a close connection to it compared to our connection living in the Diaspora. I thought it was just really fun to spend time with other teenagers and just get to know some of them.”   ~M. Nour-Omid, 2019